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Frequently asked questions!
1.    How long does it take to receive my order?
In stock orders are shipped within 1-3 business days. Custom orders like 14K can take 2 to 3 weeks from order date.

2. How do you ship the orders?
All orders ship USPS Priority Mail or Fed-Ex. We are only authorized to ship to the actual address on the credit/debit card by your bank or credit card company as part of their policy to protect you from fraud. If you want us to ship to another address not on your card, you will need to notify them of the address. We will then be able to get permission from your bank which can take a few days.

3. Where is the jewelry made?
It is custom manufactured for us by Mark Edwards in Florida.

4. What metals are used to make the jewelry?
We manufacture in 14K yellow gold and Argentium sterling silver. Also available in 14K white gold or 18K gold. 50% deposit is required for gold orders. Please call for more information on white gold or 18K gold. (800.859.4709). We fully comply with the USA Patriot Act regarding precious metal and diamond jewelry sales.

5. What is Argentium sterling silver?
Argentium is the new finest silver with superior brightness, purity, durability, tarnish and fire stain resistance. It will keep your fish looking beautiful and bright longer than other silvers but still needs to be cleaned and maintained. (See below). It is a superior alloy and is fully covered by our warranty. Note: any work done outside of the Mark Edwards facility will void the warranty.

5.5    How to keep sterling silver clean?
All Sterling Silver does eventually tarnish. Here's a great Article: https://www.liveabout.com/how-to-keep-sterling-silver-jewelry-from-tarnishing-13130

6.   What forms of payment do you accept?     
      American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover and money orders. 

7.   What is your return policy? 

Skeleton Fish Jewelry expects you to be fully satisfied with your unique fine jewelry piece. If you do not feel that we have done our best to exceed your expectations, you may return it within 30 days of receipt. We will be happy to refund the purchase price less any shipping and handling charges. 

Returns after the 30 days are for store credit. Note: All returns need to be shipped registered insured with a return receipt. We are not responsible for jewelry returns lost in the mail.

8.   What is the warranty on my jewelry? 

We back our high quality jewelry workmanship with a one year no charge warranty. Just send it back to us and we will repair and return it to you. If the fine jewelry is not repairable at any time, we will be happy to remake it for a fee of $50.00 plus shipping and handling and give you another full year warrantee after the original piece is returned. Jewelry that is older than one year can be repaired for a flat fee of $25.00 but will not be entitled to a warranty. Note: any work done outside of the Mark Edwards facility will void the warranty.

9.   How do I get my finger sized? 

Our jewelry is made custom for you so it is very important to have the correct size. If you do not know your ring size, we highly suggest you go to a jeweler for accurate sizing. We do back our jewelry and can adjust the size for the first 30 days at no charge. If you do not see your size in the size area, call (800)-859-4709. 

 10.   What if I need my ring resized? 

We will be happy to resize your ring for the first 30 days at no charge. After that, we will resize your ring to the correct size for $25.00 charge plus shipping. If the new size is larger than our quality standards allow, we will remake the ring for $50.00 plus shipping. This can be done after we receive the original ring. 

 11.  Are the fish sharp?

The fish have sharp bones and points that can bite! They are polished as much as possible to keep the natural look and should be used for display or worn with consumer acknowledged caution and care. They should not be worn during any physical activity or in salt or chlorine water. Both can damage the finish.

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